MATO Engineering


The company’s objective is to create technology that makes materials talk. If we learned to understand them… and why would we not.



Finnish invention

Mato Engineering Oy is a Finnish start-up company founded in 2015 that designs, manufactures and markets wireless IoT sensors for monitoring various materials and facilities. The technology we have developed is used to study the functionality of structures and facilities in changing conditions.

The technology and the sensors manufactured with its help are Finnish engineering expertise. Product development and a small manufacturing plant are located in northern Espoo. The company has very strong expertise in electronics, surface treatment, materials technology and energy and environmental technology.


Product launch

The now completed products enable the production of new types of online measurement services in a cost-effective manner

As a result of product development and active piloting, the company will move from the pilot phase to the commercialization of the two products under development in January 2021 (MATOlog BOX, MATOlog CURE).

We will continue to pilot the two products to be subsequently marketed (MATOlog FLOOD, MATOlog ROAD) with our partners.

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