MATOlog Cure

Making Concrete Talk!

MATOlog Cure

Condition monitoring of concrete during casting and drying

MATOlog CURE is a wireless IoT network sensor that monitors concrete conditions during casting and drying as an OnLine service. The product’s web service includes reporting and alarm functions. The sensor works without a SIM card, separate power supply or battery.


Concrete castings; vaults, floors, walls, pillars

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MATOlog Cure

Benefits for sustainable construction

Timely and cost-effective construction
  • Achieving frost resistance
  • Evaluates when moulds can be disassembled and when structures are loadable
  • Right conditions for the next work steps, such as floor coverings
Minimization of quality costs
  • Avoiding concrete cracks with curing


The sensor is installed before the concrete is cast and it measures

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Pressure

Analytics of measurement results

The sensor measures and sends the results every two hours to a cloud service.

  • Strength development
  • Curing index
  • Drying prediction

Easy and effortless

The sensor is delivered ready for use, so you only need to install it on site.

  • No external power supply
  • No SIM card
  • Works on any device

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