MATOlog Road

Making Road Talk!

MATOlog Road - pilot product

Real-time data on road surface conditions

MATOlog ROAD road traffic sensor is based on a completely new measurement technology developed in Finland. The ROAD sensor uses LoRa technology and transmits real-time data at the desired transmission interval in the IoT network.

MATOlog Road

State-of-the-art technology for every kilometre

The sensor is installed on asphalt by fast curing with glue and is immediately ready for use. The sensor works for up to ten years.

Patented MATOlog technology significantly improves traffic safety and is a cost-effective system for monitoring road conditions.


The measurement results can be used to develop various analytical models of road surface slipperiness and to predict the future. The sensor measures

  • Road surface temperature
  • The presence of road surface water

Easy and effortless

The sensor is delivered ready for use, so you only need to install it on site.

  • No external power supply
  • No SIM card
  • Works on any device

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